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Skin Chemists

Skin Chemists

The story behind skinChemists is really all about passion. Passionate Chemists who understood that looking and feeling your best, made the world of difference to a person’s life. Even back in 1897, the dedication to quality and the commitment to results was there to be seen for the people they served.

Our history really does go right back to the 1890s, when our company Ridleys, was celebrating Queen Victoria's Jubilee. One of the top sellers in 1897 was Quinine and Tonic, a restorative mixture as it was called. It sounds lovely doesn’t it!?

My Father, the Chemist Francis G. F. Walker, graduated as a Pharmaceutical Chemist and member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain on the 7th September 1955.

It was shortly after that he would create Elder Flower Cream, one of a range of products that he created to help people look and feel their best over the next 50 years.

After graduating with my own Bachelor of Science (Hons) Degree, it was a forgone conclusion that I would stay in the family trade. The trade that I had seen transform people’s lives for as long as I can remember.

It was instilled in me from an early age that quality, refinement and a dedication to excellence were what we should strive for daily.

At skinChemists we have followed that founding principle. Like my Father, I travel the globe working with the best minds, using the best research and the most innovative active ingredients in the world. All with one aim: to deliver targeted results. Results which let you live the life you want to live.

skinChemists went international in 2011 with our famous Wrinkle Killer Snake Serum; using the Swiss Technology Award winning Syn-Ake active ingredient. Followed by the best selling and critically acclaimed Bee Venom in 2013.

Our research centres in the UK and Florida are at the forefront of research, creating world beating formulations especially for you. With our new Instant Effect range launching Summer/ Autumn 2014. The story is just beginning.

Welcome to the skinChemists family.

Richard Walker

MD, skinChemists

Skin Chemists

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