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Alodem is a unique line of dermocosmetics specially created for particularly sensitive, vascular skin prone to redness and suffering from rosacea. The Alodem series is based on the gradual regeneration of the epidermis through AHA and the strengthening of blood vessels. The process of rebuilding and thickening the epidermis makes the capillaries less visible, and the rich composition of the products prevents the formation of new vessels.

Key Ingredients and Effects

  • Plant Extracts: A wealth of extracts from mallow, aloe, mistletoe, myrtle, and witch hazel provides excellent soothing and nourishment for extremely sensitive and allergic skin.
  • Redness Reduction: Extracts from butcher's broom, pomegranate, and knotweed effectively reduce redness, bringing long-lasting relief to the skin.
  • Epidermis Regeneration: The presence of AHA supports the gradual regeneration of the epidermis, increasing its thickness and sealing blood vessels.

Benefits and Effects

Products from the Alodem line are ideal for all types of sensitive skin, regardless of age, for both women and men. These cosmetics provide immediate skin relief while preventing oiliness, redness, and itching. Regular use of Alodem dermocosmetics brings visible results in the form of healthier and more balanced skin.


All products from the Alodem line provide an effective skincare program for sensitive and vascular skin, suitable for use in both professional cosmetic clinics and at home.

Alodem is the perfect solution for those seeking gentle yet effective care that brings relief to sensitive skin and supports its natural regenerative processes. Thanks to a unique combination of ingredients, Alodem cosmetics offer luxurious care that strengthens the skin and protects it from harmful external factors.

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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
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