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Events aromatization

Scent Event - environment is important!


Scent Event is a special tool that allows you to create a magical world which we believe becomes reality. Properly selected and spread scents enhance sensations experienced by your guests and strengthen specific events in their memory. The use of scents, filling the entire space of the event, has numerous unquestionable advantages over traditional forms of advertising. Events aroma marketing helps:


1. attract customer attention. 2. improve place perception 3. create positive associations.

Aramatyzacja eventów



Scent Event Solutions: La Selection offers its special room aromatization system as well as a great variety of fragrance compositions tailored to the needs and wants of our customers: Aromatization - private and corporate events both indoors and outdoors. Professional events. Exhibitions. Lectures and seminars
Premieres held at cinemas and theatres. Sporting and media events. Family events (weddings, wedding receptions, stag and hen parties, First Communion receptions, birthday parties and other special events). Events Aroma Marketing.








 Ready-made and customized compositions. With the smell of cotton candy we can bring back memories of carefree childhood. The smell of honey makes you feel as if you were in the world of Winnie the Pooh. The smell of spruce reminds of relaxing weekend walks in the woods nearby. Notes of cinnamon and orange make you remember of Christmas spent with your nearest and dearest.


Scent Event research: The influence on as many of the senses as possible, including the sense of smell, helps better reach consumers and faster accept a given place, product or brand. Professional aromatization of all types of events helps improve customers’ well-being and create friendly environment for all personal and business interactions. Aromatization and odor control do not only refresh air, but also create an excellent environment for demonstrating your offer and improve place perception! 

Wake up your senses!



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